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About hannahpad cloth pads

Cloth pads, like hannahpad cloth pads, are sanitary pads made of cloth. They are washable, reusable and eco-friendly as they do not contribute to landfill. hannahpad cloth pads are made from 100% organic cotton which are gentle to the body and the skin. These natural, chemical-free and unbleached cloth pads are loved by many people around the world, especially those who would like to ditch toxic chemicals from their lifestyle and make a difference to the environment.

Did you know a woman uses up to an average of 16,800 disposable pads and tampons? These disposable products contribute to landfill waste, takes hundreds of years to decompose and hence pollutes the environment. By using reusable menstrual products like hannahpad cloth pads, not only will you be healthier as you will have less contact with chemicals, you are helping the environment as well!

With hannahpad, only 100% organic cotton layer touches your skin. Also, the wide variety of patterns of hannahpad is a bonus. Once folded, no one will know they are actually cloth pads! The built quality is also the finest with double needle stitched edges and monthly quality inspections by a professional quality controller.

The cotton layer of hannahpad cloth pads that touches your skin is made using 100% natural and organic cotton that is unbleached and undyed. It gives you a peace of mind knowing that the cotton layer that touches your skin at such a sensitive part of your body is free from harmful chemicals found in most disposable pads. Many who have used natural cloth pads have found that their period duration and pain from menstrual cycles have been reduced since they have started using reusable cloth pads.

hannahpad cloth pads have an external waterproof coating that is recommended by Greenpeace. This allows the cloth pads to be more breathable and also prevent any leakage, which is what most women are worried of.

With a wide variety of beautiful patterns and sizes, hannahpad cloth pads do not look like sanitary pads at all when they are folded! The edges are also double needle stitched so they last a long time.

hannahpad cloth pads are great for those who experience skin rash, cramps and want to avoid any bad odour when using disposables! With the variety of beautiful patterns, hannahpad users will never need to be shy or embarrassed when having their periods.

hannahpad cloth pads will last between 2 to 3 years, depending on personal usage and care.

Definitely, yes! hannahpads are made from 100% organic cotton, which makes them super comfortable and breathable. Being unbleached and undyed also ensures that your baby is kept away from nasty and toxic chemicals. We have different sizes catered for different needs, so there is something for everyone!

Absolutely, hannahpad is suitable for incontinence or light bladder leakage. We have a variety of sizes to cater to your needs and would highly recommend the hannahpad pantyliner to start off!

The black dots on the hannahpad cloth pads are cotton seeds. As the inner layer of our hannahpads are made of 100% organic cotton, it is perfectly natural and normal to have some cotton seeds in the fabric.

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About using hannahpad cloth pads

Disposable pads are made using polymers that have high absorption capacity. Polymers are designed with a focus on moisture absorbing properties, this means that disposable pads have a tendency to get stuffy and are prone to breeding bacteria. Also, the smell you experience when using disposable pads comes from the reaction between the blood and the chemicals in the disposable pads. This is also why disposable pads are heavily scented with artificial fragrances.

hannahpad cloth pads are made of breathable organic cotton that can absorb and suppress bacterial growth. The cotton used in hannahpads are 100% certified organic, unbleached and undyed, there are no chemicals hence you would not experience any smell when using hannahpad cloth pads.

Each individual is different. A good gauge of how many cloth pads you need would depend on how many disposables you use. The number of hannahpad cloth pads you would need should be the same as with disposables or even less.

Most women would change out their disposable pads frequently as they become uncomfortable or bad odour, even if their pads are not full. With hannahpad, there is no odour and it is just as comfortable and breathable as wearing your underwear, hence you may not need to change our your hannahpad as often. However, every individual is different, your period flow and comfort level will also differ.

We recommend that you try at least 2-3 different sizes and add on more later when you have a better idea of your needs.

Each hannahpad cloth pad has high quality plastic snaps on the wings. Similar to wearing a disposable pad, you would fold the wings over the gusset of your underwear and then fasten the plastic button snaps. Wearing a snug fitting underwear will help hannahpad to stay close to your body and easy to adjust to your liking.

You can carry used pads in a wet bag or ziploc bag that you can find at home.

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About washing

Organic cotton contains natural oils which may weaken the absorbency, therefore we recommend that your hannahpads are washed before the first use.

For everyday usage pantyliners/pads, you can wash them directly without pre-rinsing.

For hannahpads used during your period, follow the easy steps below!
> Step 1: Pre-rinse using cold water until the the water run clears. You can do this while in the shower to save time and water.
> Step 2: If there are any stains, lather and soak the pad in washing detergent like our probioics laundry soap for a minimum of six hours or overnight.
> Step 3: Wash your hannahpads.
> Step 4: Sun your hannahpads to dry naturally.

Definitely, yes! You can wash your hannahpad cloth pads in a washing machine! Do not use fabric softener and use a natural or chemical free laundry detergent. Do not machine dry your hannahpad as this will damage the waterproof outer-shell.

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